History of Columbia Canine Cottage

We have created a just-like-home environment with your dog's emotional health in mind. We make every effort to closely observe every dog, and determine what they need to feel comfortable while they're with us.

As a manager of a large kennel for 2 years, I saw how being caged damaged the psyche of most dogs. At that kennel, the dogs were allowed to socialize and run free during the day, but the 12 hours of lock-down stressed anxious dogs and made dominant dogs overly aggressive. Depression, diarhea, hunger strikes, and aggression were commonplace.

January of 2009 the kennel for which I worked closed as the owners sold the property and moved out of the area. While working for them, I had been trained in canine group behavior specifically targeted at handling large groups of dogs. With this knowledge, I felt I could create a safe, friendly, anxiety-free environment at my home. We converted one room into a doggie play area and prepared the 5000 square-foot back yard for more canine traffic. We allowed the dogs to sleep in the master bedroom with us, just as our dogs do. We were pleasantly surprised to find that the dogs were relaxed and seemed much more comfortable in this environment. Fewer hunger strikes and dogs that were labeled as aggressive melted right into the pack.

By 2012 we outgrew our original digs and began searching for a larger property that could suitably handle the volume of dogs that we were caring for with some room to grow. In November of 2012 we closed on an old Horse Property in beautiful Kalama, WA. We converted the 1500 sqft barn into a home-like environment with plenty of beds and couches for lounging around. There is now over 15,000 sqft of fenced outdoor play area!

To support our new larger facility, we brought in a Lead Caretaker and Facilities Manager named Todd. Todd has been with us since late 2012. My wife and I now manage the business, customer contact, and shuttle service while Todd and his staff take on the day-to-day loving, playing, and caring for the dogs

We hope to earn your trust and become your dog's second home.

Kind Regards,

Kurt and Dew Parsons
Columbia Canine Cottage


Boarding Rates

(503) 807-2453

Large Dogs (>35lbs)
$42 per 24hrs

Medium Dogs (20-34lbs)
$38 per 24hrs

Small Dogs (<20lbs)
$34 per 24hrs

Puppy Surcharge
Add $5 to the above rates for dogs under 1 year

All Rates Prorated into 6-hour blocks.

Multiple-Dog Discounts
Largest Dog charged regular rate; Additional Dog(s) Receive 25% discounted rate

Long-Term Discounts
7-13 Days: 10% off Boarding Fees
14-20 Days: 15% off Boarding Fees
21 or more days: 20% off Boarding Fees
Longer than 45 days: Please call for a quote