Our Services

Bed & Breakfast Service

Your family friend will vacation in comfort while you are away. Socializing in packs, slumbering in a warm room with a human, and lots of space to run and wrestle.


We shuttle guests directly between their homes and ours. Our shuttle runs every evening between Kalama, WA and the entire Greater Portland Metro Area. We leave the facility between 5:30 & 6pm, usually arriving at the first home by 6:30PM. Most of the time we get to the last home by 8:30PM

Door-Step Service costs $20 each way for homes within 40 miles of our facility (Using Google Maps for best approximation). For homes further away, $1 extra for every mile beyond 40 rounded down to the nearest half mile.

We also meet at convenient stops within 35 miles of our faciltiy which are no more than 1/4 mile off a major highway. This Convenient-Meet Shuttle costs $15 each way. Time of meet is determined by shuttle driver the day of the service as determined by the most efficient shuttle route.


As the guests are outside playing for the majority of their stay, they can become quite dusty or muddy depending on the weather. We wipe them down prior to departure, but if you'd prefer to have them bathed, we have an arrangement with the local groomer for what we call a 'quick groom'. This includes Bath / Brush Out / Blow Dry / Ears Cleaned / Nails Trimmed / Coat Conditioner / Bandana. An average-sized dog is $35. We also have a separate Pet Grooming facility in Ridgefield for all your grooming needs. If you need a bath or groom separate from a boarding visit, please check out the grooming page: CCC Pet Grooming

Feeding and Medications

Guests must supply their own food. We are more than willing to prepare meals as you do at home. We separate the dogs during feeding to ensure everyone is eating their own food and, obviously, for safety's sake. Remember to pack more than enough since the guests are getting plenty of exercise! If we are forced to feed from our food stock, we must charge an additional $1 per meal. We use a premium salmon & sweet potato blend.

We happily administer pharmaceuticals for free as long as it isn't too difficult. Adding a pill into food, or delivering a pill orally is not a problem. Anything beyond that may incur additional charges. We can discuss at time of reservation.

A Typical Day

06:30 AM -- The Dogs wake us up! They take time for their first exercise of the day...either running around the yards or wrestling in the play rooms.
08:00 AM -- Breakfast. All dogs are separated into kennels or crates. Meals are prepared as requested by the owners. Meals are served.
08:30 AM -- Clean up after breakfast. All dogs are reunited and continue playing or start to wind down for a nap.
11:00 AM -- Dedicated human interaction. We make sure to get out there and give everyone love. Belly rubs, back scratches, kisses. Fetching for the fetchers, tugging for the tuggers, just basically enticing everyone to move around.
05:00 PM -- Dinner. A repeat of the meal-time task.
11:00 PM -- Bed time. We open up the sleeping area and allow the dogs to sleep around the bed, on the couches, or they can find a den in an open kennel.
The dogs have 24-hour access to the yards. There are times during the day when the dogs must be separated into kennels for safety when we leave the facility for shuttle runs or various errands. These do not happen every day, and are rarely longer than 3 hours.

Boarding Rates

(503) 807-2453

Large Dogs (>35lbs)
$42 per 24hrs

Medium Dogs (20-34lbs)
$38 per 24hrs

Small Dogs (<20lbs)
$34 per 24hrs

Puppy Surcharge
Add $5 to the above rates for dogs under 1 year

All Rates Prorated into 6-hour blocks.

Multiple-Dog Discounts
Largest Dog charged regular rate; Additional Dog(s) Receive 25% discounted rate

Long-Term Discounts
7-13 Days: 10% off Boarding Fees
14-20 Days: 15% off Boarding Fees
21 or more days: 20% off Boarding Fees
Longer than 45 days: Please call for a quote