Frequently Asked Questions


Common Questions


How do I make reservations?

Please call us at 503-807-2453. Currently we are not able to make reservations over the internet.

Where are you located?

We are located in the tiny town of Kalama, WA located just 30 miles north of Portland right off I-5. Please, don't let that deter you, our super-convenient Shuttle Service will come right to your door step!!

Is a pre-screening or behavioral assessment required?

No. We assess your dog's behavior during the first 24-48 hours of the visit. First we spend time with them individually, then if we are comfortable with the dog, we will introduce our 3 house dogs. Only after a successful socialization with our dogs will we introduce your dog to the entire pack. If your dog does not graduate to full socialization, we will let you know.

Can I tour your facility?

Yes, please call 503-807-2453 for an appointment.

My dog is on medication. Can I bring his meds and is there an additional charge?

Yes, we can administer medications. There is no additional charge for simple oral meds or topical ointments. If there is something extremely involved, please call to discuss.

Do I need to bring food or bedding for my dog?

You must provide enough food for your dog's entire stay. If we must feed from our stock, we charge $2/day. You are also welcome to bring your own bedding. Make sure it's washable and understand that dogs often chew up or soil bedding!


Boarding Rates

(503) 807-2453

Large Dogs (>35lbs)
$42 per 24hrs

Medium Dogs (20-34lbs)
$38 per 24hrs

Small Dogs (<20lbs)
$34 per 24hrs

Puppy Surcharge
Add $5 to the above rates for dogs under 1 year

All Rates Prorated into 6-hour blocks.

Multiple-Dog Discounts
Largest Dog charged regular rate; Additional Dog(s) Receive 25% discounted rate

Long-Term Discounts
7-13 Days: 10% off Boarding Fees
14-20 Days: 15% off Boarding Fees
21 or more days: 20% off Boarding Fees
Longer than 45 days: Please call for a quote