Our Location

Beautiful Kalama, Washington

We are located in the tiny town of Kalama, WA...30 miles north of Portland just 1/2 mile from I-5. Please, don't let that deter you...our super-convenient Shuttle Service will come right to your door step!!


All visits must be prearranged. Unexpected visitors cause a docile pack to get excited and that poses a danger to the dogs and caretakers. To reduce the number of surprise pop-in visits, we do not publish our address. We welcome anyone to visit for a tour, but an appointment is necessary. During a tour, all dogs will be in kennels, we do not socialize the dogs in front of visitors, again due to the fact that a new human changes the pack dynamic and poses a danger to canine and human alike.
Boarding Rates

(503) 807-2453

Large Dogs (>35lbs)
$42 per 24hrs

Medium Dogs (20-34lbs)
$38 per 24hrs

Small Dogs (<20lbs)
$34 per 24hrs

Puppy Surcharge
Add $5 to the above rates for dogs under 1 year

All Rates Prorated into 6-hour blocks.

Multiple-Dog Discounts
Largest Dog charged regular rate; Additional Dog(s) Receive 25% discounted rate

Long-Term Discounts
7-13 Days: 10% off Boarding Fees
14-20 Days: 15% off Boarding Fees
21 or more days: 20% off Boarding Fees
Longer than 45 days: Please call for a quote